Cups and Trophies Important sports name in the world

Important Cups and Trophies in the world

1)      Cricket :—–

    • Cup :—–    Asia, charminar, challenge cup (India’s oldest cup), Sharjab , Ipl, Icl, Moin-ud-dawla, Bijoy Marchant, Champion league.
    • Trophies :—–     Irani trophy, Dilip, Ranji, Vizzy, Asia, Deodhar, CK, Naidu, Cooh-Behar.

2)      Football :—–

·         Cup :—–      Durand cup (India’s oldest cup), Colombo, Nizam gold, Rovers, Sanjay Gold, Subroto Mukherjee (Highest in school level in India), Nehru Gold, F.F cup (world oldest cup).
·         Trophies :—–      B.c.Roy, Bandodkar, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rajib Gandhi, Santosh, Sir Asutosh mukherjee.

3)      Hockey :——

·         Cup :—–     Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan cup, Agha Khan, Azlan, Beighton, Scindia, Modi Gold, Indira Gandhi Gold, Rangaswami, Lady Rotan tata.
·         Trophies :—–     Champions Trophy, Sri ram, Dhyenchand, Clerk, Sanjoy Gandhi, Nehru.

4)      Badminton :—–

·         Cup :—–     Thomas cup(men), Agarwal, Narang, Sophix, Uber, Konica, Yonex, All England Open.

5)      Golf :—–

·         Cup :—–     Canada Cup, Muthian Gold, Ryder, Walker.
·         Trophies :—–     Topolino trophy.

6)      Table Tennis :—–

·         Cup :—–      Jaylakshmi, Electra Gold, Travan Core, Corbillion Cup(women), Swaythling Cup (men).

7)      Lawn Tennis :—–

·         Cup :——      Davis, Hamlet, Australian, French Open, Wimbledon, Us Open, Hopman Cup.

8)      Boxing :—–

·         Cup:—–     Federation, Cheristry.
·         Trophies :—–     Aspy Adjania Trophy, Valbaker cup.

9)      Bridge :—–

·         Cup :—–     Runia Gold cup, Ramnivas.
·         Trophies :—–      Ruia Trophy, Singhania, Holker.

10)   Polo :——

·         Cup :—–      Ezra cup, Winchestor cup, Radha Mohan Cup, Prithi singh cup.

11)   Horse Race :—–

·         Cup :—–      Beres Ford cup, Grand National cup.

12)   Chess :——

·         Trophie :—–      Linarescity Trophy, Naidu Trophy.

13)   Rowing :—–

·         Trophies :—–     Wollington Trophy.
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