Cups and Trophies Important sports name in the world

Various Country Cups,Trophies and Grand Slam Tournaments gk

Country cups,trophies and Grand Slam Tournaments like cricket,football,golf,hockey,lawn tennis,table tennis,boxing,polo etc.

sports cups and trophies list

1) Cricket :—-

Irani Trophy, Dilip Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Vizzy Trophy,  Asia Cup, Deodhar Trophy, CK Naidu Trophy, Cooch-Behar Trophy.

2)Football :—–

Durand Cup, Nizam Gold Cup, Rovers Cup, Snajay Gold Cup,Santiosh Trophy, Subroto Mukherjee Cup,Vittal Trophy, Nehru Gold Cup.

3) Hockey :—-

Agha Khan Cup, Azian Cup, Nehru Trophy, Dhyanchand Trophy, Beighton Cup, Scindia.

4) Golf :—-

Gold Cup, Modi Gold, Cup, Indiara Ghandhi gold Cup, Rangeswami Cup, Khan Abdul Gaffar Cup.

5) Table Tennis :—-

Canade Cup (women), Muthiam Gold Cup (women), Rider Cup, Walker Cup, Corbillion Cup, Jayalaxmi Cup (women), Swaythling Cup (men).

6)Lawn Tennis :—-

Hamlet Cup, Australian Open, Fench Open, Davis Cup.

7) Badminton :—-

Thomas Cup (men), Uber Cup (women),Narang Cup.

8) Boxing :—-

Aspy Adjania Trophy.

9) Rowing :—-

Wollington Trophy.

10) Bridge :—-

Ruia Trophy.

11) Polo :—-

Ezra Cup, Winchestor Cup, Radha Mohan Cup.

Grand Slam Tournaments

  1. Australian Open (january) —-  Melbourne(Hard-Plexicushion) —-  1905 (First Held).
  2. French Open(May-June) —-  Paris(Clay) —- 1925 (First Held).
  3. Wimbledon(June-July) —- London (Grass) —- 1877(First Held).
  4. US Open(August-September) —- New York City(Hard- Decco Turf) —- 1881 (First Held).
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