best newspapers in the world and world official books


  1. Blue Book:----    An official report of the British Government.
  2. Green Book:----     An official Publications of Italy and Iran.
  3. Grey Book:----    An official reports of the Government of japan and Belgium.
  4. Orange Book:----     An official Publications of the Government of Netherlands.
  5. White book:----    An official Publications of china ,Germany and Pprtugal.
  6. Yellow Book:----     French official book.
  7. White Paper:----    An official paper of the government of Britain and India on a particularr issue.
  8. Joint Paper:----    The Joint Report of two or more than two Government.

World Major Newspapers

  1. The Morning Herald:----     Australia.
  2. The Age:----     Australia.
  3. The Sydney Morning Herald:----     Australia.
  4. Globe and Mali:----     Canada.
  5. The Gazette:----    Canada.
  6. International Herald Tribune:----    Paris.
  7. Le Monde Dawn:----    Paris (France).
  8. Die Welt:----    Germany.
  9. The Times:----     Britain.
  10. The Sun:----     Britain.
  11. New york Times:----    USA.
  12. Washington Post:----     USA.
  13. People's Daily:----    China.
  14. Manichi Daily News:----    Japan.
  15. The New Zealand Herald:----    New Zealand.
  16. The Press:----   New Zealand.
  17. The times:----    UK.
  18. The Scotsman:----     UK.
  19. The Guadian:----      UK.
  20. The Herald:----     UK.
  21. The Courier:----    UK.
  22. Merdeka:----     Indonesia.
  23. Pravada:----     Russia.
  24. Dawn:----    Pakistan.
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