61.The secret code that gives you access to some programs.

(a) clue (b) cue (c) password (d) help (e) None of these


62.Which of the following functions is not performed by servers?

(a) Email processing (b) Database sharing (C) Processing Websites (d) Storage (e) Word processing

Ans. e

63.Connectivity is similar to

(a) Power cord (b) Internet (C) Floppy diskData (e) None of these


64.Which of the following is not a term pertaining to Email?

(a) power Point inbox (C) sender (d) receiver (e) None of these


65.What is an E-mail attachment?

(a) A receipt sent by the recipient (b) A separate document from another program sent along with an E-mail message (c) A malicious parasite that feeds off of your messages and destroys the contents (d) A list of CC: or BCC: recipients

(e) None of these


66.Which of the following are all considered advantages of e-mail?

(a) Convenience, speed of delivery, generality and reliability (b) Printable, global and expensive (c) Global, convenience and Microsoft owned (d) Slow delivery, reliable, global and inexpensive (e) None of these


67.E-commerce allows companies to

(a) issue important business reports (b) conduct business over the Internet (C) support decision making processes (d) keep track of paper-based transactions (e) None of these


68.Which of the following is required to create an HTML document?

(a) browser (b) internet (c) text editor (d) search engine (e) None of these

Ans. c

69.The file that is linked with an e-mail and sent to the receiver of the e-mail is referred to as

(a) annexure (b) appendage (c) add-on (d) attachment (e) article


70.Which one of the following is the most important or powerful computer in a internet network?

(a) Network station (b) Network client (C) Network Server (d) Desktop (e) None of these


71.The term “host” with respect to the internet, means

(a) A computer that is a stand along computer (b) A computer that is connected to the Internet (c) A computer reserved for use by the host (d) A large collection of computers (e) Hyperlink


72.What is the advantage of using basic HTML to create a document?

(a) HTML is very easy to use. (b) The document can be displayed by all word processors. (c) The document can be displayed by all programs. (d) The document can be displayed by all browsers. (e) None of these


73.Which of the following will be used if the sender of an e-mail wants to bold, itlalicise etc the text message?

(a)Reach Signature (b) Reach Text (c) Reach Format (d) Plain Format (e) Plain text


74.Which of the following terms is not related to Internet?

(a) Link (b) Function key (C) Browser (d) Search engine (e) Hyperlink


75.What is included in an e-mail address?

(a) Domain name followed by user’s name (b) User’s name followed by domain name (c) User’s name followed by postal address (d) User’s name followed by street address (e) None of these


76.Which of the following operations is safe if a e-mail from an unknown sender is received?

(a) Open it to know about the sender and answer it. (b) Delete it after opening it. (c) Delete it without opening it. (d) Open it and try to find who the sender is. (e) None of these


77.When browsing the World Wide Web, the browser is a

(a) feeder server program (c) application program (d) system program (e) client program


78.Where is the newly received email stored?

(a) In your website (b) In Address-box (c) In Inbox (d) In your personal laptop (e) None of these


79.Small programs that act on data received by the user’s computer as part of a Web page are called

(a) search engine (b) servlets (c) browsers (d) applets (e) feedback


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