1. Africa’s greatest shipping port of Bauxite and Alumina-commodities is:


2. Ghana’s new modern deep water-port has been developed as:


3. The largest urban centre in the west Africa is:


4. Which country in Africa is the largest producer of Natural rubber?


5. Which African country leads in coffee export?


6. What is not true about Bushmen?


7. Match the following:

(a) Nigeria 1. Petroleum (6) Liberia 2. Iron ore (c) Guinea 3. Bauxite (d) Ghana



(a) (b) (c) (d)


8. Principal African mineral producing countries are the following except and Alumina–commodities is:


9. In Africa the hippopotamus are mainly found in the:


10. Match the following:

(a) South Africa 1. Copper (6) Morocco 2. Oil and Natural gas (C) Zaire

Uranium (d) Libya 4. Phosphate C.. .

(a) (b) (C) (d)


11. Which nation of island is to the west of the Central African Coast?


12. Which was the occupying power in the Western Sahara and which is the present power?


13. Which of the following desert is not in Africa?



What is true about tropical soils?



Which national park has been made in conserve the remaining wildlife in the extreme north-east of South Africa



What is not true about pygmies?



In slave trading days which place had a notorious reputation had the largest wool African port for the slave traffic to the new world?



The most important commercial and administrative centre of Nigeria which has also been a major West African focus of Islamic culture is:



Which island is/are located in the east of Medagascar?



Lake Chad seasonally extends into othercountries they are:



In South Africa the plateau surface is the highest towards:



Vaal is a tributary of river:



Which of the following mineral resources are not found in transvaal?


24. Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemtontein are South African cities with some thing in common what is it?



Where are the Makarikari salt pans found?



As champagne is to France, so is vin ordinaire to:



Which of the following African countries



Tanzara Railway, built with Chinese aid,is now under the control of:


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