1. Shaba, which is mineral rich region is in?


2. Which of the following mineral is not found in South Africa?


3. East African Highlands have which type of soil?


4. Another name applied especially to the steppe portions of Africa is:


5. The largest single potential source of hydro electricity in Africa is the stretch of rapide on:


6. With which river do you associate the colours blue and white?


7. Which of the following rivers do not make a delta?


8. The largest lake in Africa is:


9. In the middle of which country in Timbuktu (Tomboctou)?


10. Uganda is surrounded by 5 countries which of the following is one of them?


11. The earliest visitors to sub-saharn Africa were:


12. Following are the densely populated pockets of Africa. Mark the odd one out.


13. Which country is completely land located in South Africa?


14. Assertion (A): The transvaal region produce citrus fruits in large amounts. Reason (R): It has long-free season.


15. The northern part of the transvaal is an area of woodlands and savanna grasses. It is also known as:


16. The Giant Kariba Dam is located on….. river.


17. The comoro islands are of…..river.


18. Zambia’s largest city and capital is:


19. Which island nation lies between Madgascar and the African mainland?


20. Which island is known as clove island?


21. The island of Zanzibar and Pemba are a part of which country.


22. The largest and most important industrial centre in the east Africa is:


23. Which of the following country does not lie between the Congo basin and the Indian Ocean?


24. Lake Tanganyika was formed as a result of:


25. Two neighbouring African countries get their names from a river they share. What is the name of the river?


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