1. The second largest producer of diamond in the World is:


2. Kimberlay mine in South Africa is the World largest mine of:


3. Bushman is associated with:


4. Which of the following breeds of sheep has put south Africa on the top (second) of the world in the production of highquality wool?


5. Which of the following countries in Africa leads in the production of palm oil and palm kernels?


6. . Which of the following regions in Africa has been devoted to cocoa cultivation?


7. The water of which of the following lakes has been used for irrigation as well as generating hydro-electricity in Egypt?


8. Assertion (A): Major part of central Africa is thickly afforested.

Reason (R): The climate of central Africa is of mediterranean type


9. Which of the following diseases has traditionally limited the keeping of Livestock in many parts of Africa?


10. Which of the following African countries produces about half (51%) of the world’s cobalt production?


11. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

List I                                                  List II

(Sobriquet).                                 (Metal)

(a) Metal of hope                            1. Copper

(b) Versatile metal                           2. Chromium

(C) Conductivity Metal                   3. Nickel

(d) Stainless metal                        4. Uranium Codes:

(a) (b) (C) (d)


12. 12.Assertion (A): Though Egypt accounts for only 3% of the world’s raw cotton production, its importance in the world trade is greater than this figure suggests.

Reason (R): Egyptian cotton is of Long Staple type which is used for the manufacture of high quality textiles and cotton thread for sewing.



Assertion (A): Cape province in South

Africa is the only area in Africa where viticulture is practised. Reason (R): Mediterranean type of climate in Africa is found only in cape province



Which of the following African countries is a major producer of tea?



As Nile Valley is to Egypt, so is orange valley to:



Assertion (A): In June-July it is summer in the north and winter in the south of Africa while in DecemberJanuary case is reversed. Reason (R): The continent of Africa lies on either side of the Equator.



The largest producer of diamond in Africa is:



Copper Belt of Katanga lies in:



Which one is the most important copmines of Zaire (Africa)?



The major producers of Rubber in Afried are:



Which of the following countries of Africa is known all over the world for it pyramids and the sphinx?


22. Which of the following is the largest desert of the world?



Assertion (A): High quality temperature cattle breeds cannot be kept usually in tropical regions of Africa. Reason (R): Temperate cattle breeds dal not posses resistance to certain tropical diseases. S



Hassi R’mel one of the largest natural gas fields of the world is situated in:



Which of the following African cities has the distinction of being the largest gold mining centre in the world?


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