1.IT stands for – [SBI Clerk, 2009]

(a) Information Technology (b) Integrated Technology (c) Intelligent Technology (d) Interesting Technology (e) None of these


2.ASCII stands for [IBPS Clerk, 2011]

(a) American Special Computer for InformationInteraction (b) American Standard Computer for Information Interchange (C) American Special Code for Information Interchange (d) American Special Computer for Information Interchange (e) American Standard Code for Information



3. is a form of denial of service attack in which a hostile client repeatedly sends SYN packets to every port on the server using fake IP addresses. [IBPS PO, 2012]

(a) Cyborgaming crime (b) Memory shaving (c) Syn flooding (d) Software piracy (e) None of these


 4.What is a URL? [IBPS PO, 2012]

(a) a computer software program (b) a type of programming object (c) the address of a document or “page” on the World Wide Web (d) an acronym for Unlimited Resources for Learning (e) a piece of hardware


5.What does RAM stand for? [SBI Clerk, 2012]

(a) Read Access Memory (b) Read Anywhere Memory (C) Random Anything Memory (d) Random Access Module (e) Random Access Memory


6.VIRUS stands for [IBPS PO, 2013]

(a) Very Important Record User Searched (b) Verify Interchanged Result Until Source (c) Vital Information Resource Under Siege (d) Very Important Resource Under Search

(e) None of the above


7.“C’in CPU denotes [SBI PO, 2013]

(a) Central (b) Common (c) Convenient (d) Computer (e) Circuitry


8.‘ WWW’ stands for

(a) Information Technology (b) Integrated Technology (c) Intelligent Techñology (d) Interesting Technology (e) None of these


9.What is The full form of USB as used in Computer related activities ?

(a) Universal Security Block (b) Ultra  Serial Block (c) United Service Block (d) Universal  Serial Bus.

Ans. d

10.What does “C”represent in MICR ?

(a) Code (b)  Column (c) Computer (d) Character (E) None  of these


11.ALGOL means –

(a) Advance logarithmic language (b) Algorithmic language (c) Algorithmic output language (d) Algorithmic operation language (e) None of these



(a) People’s Data Assistant (b) Personal Data Assistant (c) People’s Digital Assistant (d) Personal Digital Assistant (e) None of these


13.What is the full form of KB related to computer?

(a) Key Block (b) Kernel Boot (c) Kilo Byte (d) Kit Bit (e) None of these


14.CPU stands for

(a) CD-run on memory (b) central processing unit (c) call powers up (d) create programs user (e) None of these


15.CD-ROM stands for

(a) central processing unit (b) CD-remote open mouse (c) CD-resize or minimize (d) CD-read only memory (e) None of these


16.—————-are often delivered to a PC through an email attachment and are often designed to do harm.

(a) Viruses (b) Spam (c) Portals (d) Email messages (e) None of these


11.BIT stands for

(a) Megabyte (b) Binary language (c) Binary Information Unit (d) Binary Number (e) Binary Digit


12.ISP –

(a) Internet Servant Provider (b) Internet Service Provider (c) Internet Service Protection (d) Internal Server Provider (e) None of these


13.WIMP –

(a) Window Icon Menu Pointer (b) Window Icon Mouse Pointer (c) Window Icon Menu Pull down menu (d) Window Icon Menu Pen


14.OCR stands for

(a) Optical Character Recognition (b) Optical CPU Recognition (C) Optical Character Reader (d) Qther Character Restoration (e) None of these


15.What does VGA stand for?

(a) Video Graphics Adapter (b) Video Graphics Array (c) Video Game Awards (d) Video Graphics Accelerator (e) Video Girl Ai


16.ERP is an acronym for

(a) Enterprise Retirement Planning (b) Enterprise Relationship Planning (c) Enterprise Resource Planning (d) Enterprise Recorder Planning

(e) Enterprise Retention Planning


17. What is the full form of CRT?

(a) Crystal Ray Tube (b) Cathode Ray Tube (c) Cabin Ray Tube (d) Carbon Ray Tube (e) None of these


18.LAN stands for

(a) Local Access Network (b) Local Area Network (c) Logical Access Network (d) Logical Area Network (e) None of the above


19.RAM stands for

(a) Random Access Memory (b) Ready Application Module (c) Read Access Memory (d) Remote Access Machine (e) None of these


20.What is the full form of LSI?

(a) Low Scale Internet (b) Large Scale Internete (c) Low Scale Integration (d) Large Scale integration (e) Local Scale Integration


21.EPROM stands for

(a) Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (b) Electronic Programmable Read-Only Memory (c) Enterprise Programmable Read-Only Memory (d) Extended Programmable Read-Only Memory (e) Electrical Programmable Read-Only Memory




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