12th five year plan highlights

12th five year plan highlights

12th five year plan highlights details —-

12th five year plan highlights (2012-2017) Draft has been prepared against the backdrop of uneven growth of the economy during the previous plan.The uncertain global environment that continues to permit since the financial crisis and rescissory condition that began in 2008. The Eleventh Plan India(2007-12) had laid down an annual average growth target of 9 per cent.

Like the Eleventh Plan, the Twelfth Plan too seeks to pursue sustainable and inclusive growth. The Plan seeks to design special programms for the benefit to the Weaker sections.

More stress will be given on employment generation and poverty alleviation.  Social sector expenditure will be enhanced to provide education, health and other essential services for the empowerment of the weaker sectors, SC; ST; OBC’s; minorities and women, thus enabling them to participate in gain from developments. The Twelfth Plan envisage a total public sector outlay of Rs. 76,69,807 crores over the five year period 2012-2017.

The other salient features of the draft of 12th five year plan highlights India are –

  • Economic growth target of 8%, meaning India will have to grow at 9% average in last three years of the Plan.
  • Projected investment in infrastructure to grow from 7.10% of GDP in 11th plan to 8.26% of GDP.
  • Total private investment to be 37% of the GDP.
  • Health sector funding to increase by three times.
  • To reduce infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate and anemia by 50%.
  • increase tele density in rural area 70%, currently record 40.81%.
  • every year 1 million hector area cover by green (tree) and view by satellite.
  • increase child sex ratio (0-6) to 950.


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